September 2004 BMX News

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2004 NBL Grands News from Louisville, KY! (September 2-6, 2004)

Mission Accomplished in Louisville!! National #1 in 8 Novice!
(September 9, 2004)
In a year dedicated to his brother's, Brenden and Dylan, Cory proved that hard work and dedication really does pay off. There are many pictures and stories to tell about the NBL Grands this year, but I think I'll keep it short and simple. Cory accomplished a goal. A goal that started 4 years ago when he first took to a BMX track in Hunderton NJ in July of 2001. That goal was simply to be a winner. He started winning locally, then at the state level and then at the regional and national levels. Methodically, he improved his technique and kept working hard. It's been a slow climb but a great one. At the beginning of 2004, all Cory wanted to do was to come home with a trophy from the '04 Grands. Something he couldn't accomplish in 2003. Finishing National #1 wasn't even on his mind. Not only did he accomplish his goal of coming home with a trophy, but Cory can now call himself a National Champion after finishing the 2004 NBL season as National Champion #1 in the 8 Novice class!

Finishing a season National #1 is something many other riders never get the opportunity to enjoy. How hard is it to accomplish National #1? VERY HARD! It takes alot of hard work, dedication, and effort, along with sacrifices on the family's part. While there is only one rider, there is an entire family affected. Siblings trek across the country and mom and dad go broke, but after a National #1 title, it all seems well worth the sacrifices. Ask any family in BMX and they'll tell you what everyone goes through. BMX families are a unique group and can be considered a family in our own right. We share many hours, days and emotions together. We cheer for each other's accomplishments and share in the disappointment. It's this feeling of family that helps you make it through the tough times and gets you to the great ones!

Thank you to EVERY FRIEND that cheered and helped encourage Cory to this National #1 title. Thank You also to EVERY SPONSOR that believed in Cory this year and every year. Your support for believing in Cory and encouraging him is something that we will never forget.

As for the specific results at the Grands, here they are. Cory won all three motos, won his 1/4 and then went on to win his semi which put him into the main and allowing him to accomplish his goal of coming home with a trophy. All he had to do was make his main to qualify for a trophy and he did that in a powerful, winning fashion. In the main, there was another huge accomplishment left and all he needed to do was to finish in the top 5 to get it. A top 5 finish would allow him to clinch a National #1 Championship title in the 8 Novice class. Well that's what he did. He finished 5th in the Main and made sure he was upright when he crossed the finish line. Finishing ahead of at least 3 other riders clinched the National #1 title for Cory and another BIG, BIG accomplishment.

Cory, we're VERY proud of you for everything you've done this year and since 2001. We're VERY glad to see that you never give up, even when times are tough. This year is a sample of what you can accomplish when you never give up. Hopefully, through-out your life, you'll remember your accomplishments in 2004 and never give up at anything you do.

We Love Ya and we're so Proud of you!
Dad, Mom, Brenden, and Dylan