NBL Grands - Louisville KY - Set 2

September 2-6, 2004

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A moment alone before practice.
Reflecting on the 2003 Grands?
Nah...what can I get into?
Practice run
Practice run
Practice run
Practice run - lookin' relaxed
Hey look Percy! Percy?
Behind you!
Thankfully, we didn't need those stretchers in the background!
Practice run

Passin' on the inside
Goin' for broke!
Out in front!

Out in front going into turn two
The results for my bros...
5th in the Main
1st in the Nation
National #1
Look for this pic in the NBL Today magazine soon

Way to go Dude!
No mud this year?
Look at that #1 plate! :-)
No it's time for paybacks....
Mom? Mom, where are you?
(mom spun him out in 2003)

Working to turn mom around this year. Maybe go-kart racing could be next, huh?
Let's race mom.....
Yea.....maybe WKA Karting is in his future!

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