Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the National Bicycle League?
2. What does it cost to race?
3. What is a race and how are they run?
4. Tell me more about classes.
5. Mandatory equipment and it's condition.
6. Parents - Read This!

What Is the National Bicycle League?

The NBL is the sanctioning body for the entire program. We abide by their rules and regulations. All riders participating in a BMX program at an NBL track, must be members of the National Bicycle League. An NBL membership allows you to race at any NBL sanctioned track in the USA and Canada (over 130 and growing). It also provides you with secondary medical insurance, qualified officiating, National and State point standings, a subscription to the NBL's monthly magazine "BMX Today", a list of tracks and schedules and a membership card.

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What Does It Cost To Race?

The NBL membership is $45 00 for a one-year period to race a 20" bike. There is a 30-day ‘Trial" program for anyone unsure about participating. This cost is $25.00. You simply pay the additional $20.00 if you decide to become a member at any time during the 30 day period.

Each race day you must pay an entry fee at the time of registration. Entry fees may vary from track-to-track, but they are usually $8.00 if you are racing for trophies in the state of NJ. If you just want race for the fun of it and earn points only, the entry fee is normally $5.00.

There is a family discount available if more than one rider in a family is registering.

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What Is a Race and How Are They Run?

REGISTRATION: There are forms to fill out the day you first register with the NBL. Bring a copy of your birth certificate. A legal guardian must sign your NBL registration. If you already have an NBL license, present it, along with your entry fee, to the person at the registration window. Be sure to inform them of your age on the day of the race.

MOTO BOARDS: The motos are your races. They will be run three times. The moto boards are where the moto sheets are ‘posted’. The moto sheets are the written forms with all the information about your class. This includes your race number or "moto number" and your gate position.

THE RACE: After the posting of the motos, they are called to the starting hill. Each moto is run one after the other. When one moto is crossing the finish line, another is leaving the starting gate.

FINISHING: To arrive at the finishing positions for each class, the "Olympic Scoring System" is applied to each moto. 1 point for a first place finish, 2 for a second, 3 for a third etc. The rider with the least number of points for the three rounds of motos, will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the finishing position will be determined on the basis of the finish in the third round of motos.

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Tell Me More About Classes

20" wheels size
Most new riders start off in the ROOKIE Class. Each ROOKIE is grouped in the motos with other ROOKIES of the same age. To become classified as a NOVICE, a ROOKIE must accumulate 8 overall wins in a calendar year. These wins must be in classes, which had a minimum of three, riders in them on that race day to count towards the 8 win total. If this is not achieved by year’s end, the number of wins starts at zero on January 1st• A NOVICE becomes an EXPERT when he accumulates 20 overall wins in his NOVICE career. This does not start over on January 1st.

There are no proficiency classes for girls. Girl’s Classes are formed simply by age.

24"-26" wheels size
These are classes known as CRUISERS. You can race both 20" and Cruiser, but a separate NBL license is required for Cruiser.

If there are not enough riders registered to make a class in a particular age group, the clerk will combine them with the closest age group according to the NBL rules. If there are not enough girl riders registered to make a girls class, the clerk will combine them according to the rules of the NBL.

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Mandatory Equipment And its Condition

1. Bicycle — 20" or Cruiser (24" or 26")
2. Wheels of dissimilar size cannot be used on the same bike
3. Motocross handlebars not to exceed 281/2" including grips.
4. Handlebars must have grips in good condition.
5. Pads must be on Crossbars, Framebar and Gooseneck.
6. Frames and Handlebars must be in good structural condition.
7. Seats must be firmly attached.
8. Pedals must be in good condition.
9. Spokes should be tight with none missing.
10. Tires should have adequate tread.
11. Kick Stands, Reflectors and Chain Guards must be removed.
12. Axles must not protrude beyond nuts more than ½ inch.
13. Bikes must have operational rear brakes.
14. Helmets must be equipped with chinstraps and be properly secured when in use.
15. Mouth Guards are required on open face helmets.
16. Long sleeved shirts must be worn and tucked in.
17. Long pants must be worn and should be of a tear resistant material. Short pants or cutoffs not allowed under any condition including with "hammers".
18. All bikes must pass technical inspection prior to racing and practicing. Riders must be registered prior to inspection.
19. Shoes with soles soft enough to grip BMX pedals.
20. Number Plates with legible numbers. Stickers may be placed along the sides but must not interfere with the numbers. All numbers must be a minimum of 3" high. In New Jersey you may ride your NBL assigned 3-digit number, an earned State number from the previous year, an active US Open number, National number or World number. Plates must be on the bike for racing and practice.

Recommended Equipment

1. Gloves
2. Socks
3. Knee pads, elbow pads, and chest protectors

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PARENTS: You are a very important part of the sport!!

BMX is a sport for many people. Unfortunately too few people run it. This sport is dependent upon volunteerism to be successful. No one gets paid for any job done around the circuit. It is the strength of its volunteers that dictates the strength of the program. We extend an open invitation to all of you to get involved at some level. There are jobs that are strictly race day jobs and there are jobs that require much more involvement. Whether you join one of the local track organizations, simply volunteer on race day or even just help to clean up after a race, we need you. Please step up to the Registration building at your favorite track and ask what you can do to help. Being part of a character building sport such as BMX, is a very rewarding experience. We are all investing in our youth. Sooner or later you will find that, not only do kids grow and learn to be good children, parents grow and learn to be good parents.

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